Technical Communication Services

Who We Are

Techcom, Inc. is a customer-driven, quality-oriented company, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have been in business since 1976, providing our clients with the absolute best in Technical Communications.

The company’s mission is to solve problems – we take our client’s needs and make them our own. Our team accepts the challenge of finding solutions and we partner with trainers, engineers, and marketing groups in an interactive process that results in a high-quality end product.

Technical Communication Presentation

What We Do

Technical communication presentation services we provide are divided into three groups and include:

  1. Technical writing and illustration, used in the creation of product manuals
  2. Creation of computer visualization, multimedia technical training, as well as marketing video support
  3. Preparation of clients’ products for trade shows, training, and displays

Our company focus: a superlative deliverable – taking the form of a service manual, a computer animation, a service training video, or products prepared for trade shows.

Technical Communication Services

Let us interpret complex technology and concepts for your audience with exceptional Technical writing and technical graphics services for print and digital technical publications. Moreover, our technical writers craft raw technical information into useful print and digital publications. In addition, TECHCOM has created tens of thousands of illustrations and graphics to demonstrate various components and concepts. For instance, visual representation of internal wiring and electrical systems. In addition, we also provide multi-language Presentation Translations.

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