Training Demonstrators

Our notable clients include CUMMINGS, CAT, Rolls-Royce, VOLVO, JOHN DEERE, MUNCIE, EATON, Borg Warner, MACK, Remy, Oerlikon, ZF to name a few.

Training Demonstrators

Training demonstrators are a great way to teach in the classroom, training seminar, or on the tradeshow floor. Moreover, at Techcom, we pride ourselves on helping our customers achieve an exciting and engaging training experience.

Furthermore, we can use our knowledge and expertise to create functioning cutaways that highlight the best of what our customers have to offer.

Above all, TECHCOM is the leader in designing and manufacturing training aids, mock-ups, simulators, cutaways, and demonstration equipment relating to industrial, manufacturing, sales, and support to major businesses across the globe.

Training Demonstrators from TECHCOM

Cutaway Displays

We provide cutaway displays of a manufactures product. For example, a portion of the exterior housing or parts is removed to reveal the internal parts and components. Moreover, cutaways are for product displays, trade show environments, museum displays, training aids, classroom instruction, and many additional applications.

Product Displays

We provide various product displays, from small Point-of-Purchase to Major Trade Show Product Displays and unique Museum exhibit working modules. Furthermore, TECHCOM offers the best cutaways in the business. For example, our working Model Simulations show off your product and visually represent what is inside. Again, our training products are great for classroom teaching, training, or informative demos on the trade show floor.

Working Modules

A simulation can highlight your product and draw a crowd to any trade show booth. Specifically, at TECHCOM, we design solutions to help you do just that. For instance, Working Module Simulations are a great way to show off your product and visually represent what is happening inside.

Therefore, we look forward to hearing from you and your project needs. Please take a moment and visit TECHCOM on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In