Military cutaways

Military cutaways refer to the display of a manufactured military-use product, where a portion of the exterior housing or parts have been removed to reveal the internal components, (pistons, bearings, seals, gears, etc.…) and their relationship to the functionality of the product.

Cutaway displays are typically for product training with end-users including military-technical schools, trade show environments, and for many additional applications. For example, aircraft cutaways, engine cutaways, helicopter cutaways, and generator cutaways. TECHCOM also produces dynamic interactive working modules.

Military cutaways are great training aids for technical students and can allow them a hands-on experience. Cutaways can be produced using a variety of methods by the manufacturer; however, the best method would be using a cutaway service company such as TECHCOM to ensure a quality product.

While 3D modeling and CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) programs continue to improve and bring more features and benefits, the cutaway will continue to show the product as it appears in the real world, using actual parts and components to show relationships and functionality.

What can we build and design for you? Military demonstrators, Military training aids, or Military motor cutaways for training? Moreover, we can handle Military Helicopter Cutaways, Aircraft Cutaways, Jet engine cutaways, and Rotary engine cutaways.  Tell us about your project needs.

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3-D printing capabilities redefine visual 3D presentations. From Sci-Fi to Reality: 3-D is revolutionizing manufacturing. Explore the stunning Innovations in 3-D Printing markets.

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We combine real-world and computer-generated content! Augmented Reality is paving the way for a new era of innovation. Join the AR digital revolution, enhancing customer experiences to revolutionizing employee training.

Product Displays

We provide various product displays, from small Point-of-Purchase to Major Trade Show Product Displays and unique Museum exhibit working modules. Furthermore, TECHCOM offers the best cutaways in the business. For example, our working Model Simulations show off your product and visually represent what is inside. Again, our training aid products are great for classroom teaching, training, or informative demos on the tradeshow floor.


Highlight your products with powerful visual presentations for marketing, training, and trade shows. Moreover, our Computer Visualization takes your video, print, or media campaign to the next level. In addition, our Interactive services and Virtual Training bring your instructional programs to life. We also provide scriptwriting, graphics, and translation services. Above all, with our computer visualization and training expertise, we offer multiple solutions for your simulation needs.


Let us interpret complex technology and concepts for your audience with exceptional Technical writing and technical graphics services for print and digital technical publications. Moreover, our technical writers craft basic technical information into helpful print and digital publications.

In addition, TECHCOM has created tens of thousands of illustrations and graphics to demonstrate various components and concepts—for instance, visual representation of internal wiring and electrical systems. Also see Technical Publication Markets.

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